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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place or download an order ? Our video below shows how to place an order using payment card, an existing PayPal account or via a School Purchase Order.

If you have placed an order but are having problems downloading, skip to 2m 30s into the video to the downloading section. Dim lights


About Us


Who are resources4drama ? My name is Clive Hulme. I worked for 30 years in Wolverhampton Secondary Schools, where, amongst other roles, I taught Drama and ran a Performing Arts Department. My final GCSE cohort gained 89% A*-C grades.  I have taken early retirement and now run this website. I am a frequent contributor to online forums. I write regularly for Teaching Drama magazine (published by Rhinegold). I have moderated GCSE Expressive Arts (NEAB), have been a visiting Drama examiner (Edexcel) and am the co-author of Boardworks’ KS4 Drama CD-Rom resource. I also deliver GCSE exam workshops in school for Units 1, 2 or 3 (Edexcel GCSE). In 2015 I co-authored a book with Mark Wheeller (The Drama Club, ISBN 978-0-9575659-1-3, available from this website or from Amazon).


What does resources4drama do? We sell resources written by Drama teachers for Drama teachers. This could be a worksheet on Tudor Theatre for a BTEC Unit, a PowerPoint explaining the Explorative Strategies for Edexcel GCSE, a mini-script for Year 7, an assessment spreadsheet, a full-length musical with backing tracks, video exemplar material, tips for interviews, sound effects – anything that another Drama teacher (or student teacher) might find useful.


Mainly for Purchasers


I want to buy something. How ? Easy. Browse the website by using the search box, searching by author, clicking on any image or looking in the shop section where resources are categorised. Just like other websites, add your desired items to your cart until you have finished and then checkout. If it's your first purchase you'll need to provide your details, as well as choosing a username and password Then pay by credit debit card or with your PayPal account. You will receive a detailed confirmation receipt and a second e-mail headed Download Info containing a link which you click on. This takes you to the download page of our site, where your purchased resource is waiting for you to download. There is also an on-screen link when your purchase is confirmed which will give you access to your resource immediately. You can download it whenever you want to, but we suggest you do so immediately. There are two download chances (just in case the first doesn’t work). The second download has to be completed within 24 hours of the first one. It's all explained in the video above if you are a visual learner!


I don't understand downloading. Why don't you just e-mail the resource to me? A lot of our files are big, some contain images and music. Therefore they might exceed your e-mail provider's file size limit, or might be blocked as potentially harmful by over-zealous e-mail filters. A download gives you control. When given the option, SAVE the resource files in a place where you can find them again.


I haven't received the Download link If you can't find the link even in your spam settings, watch the video above but skip to 2m 30 seconds from the start.


Can I place a school purchase order? Certainly. Please click here for the procedure.


Are my payment details secure ? Yes. Our payment section is run by Paypal (but you don’t need a Paypal account to buy from us). They take your money - from all major debit and credit cards, or your Paypal account - and pass it to us. At resources4drama, we never see your card details. You pay the price of the resource(s) - nothing extra. If you are abroad, the price will be converted to your local currency by the provider of your chosen payment method.

But my browser says that the resources4drama website is not secure It switches to secure mode if and when you proceed to the payment page. 


I need an itemised receipt to claim my money back from my employer - can I obtain one ? You get one automatically e-mailed to you as soon as you pay, whichever method you choose, and you can access and print off all your previous orders through Account Maintenance (see below). For this reason we will not provide annual statements or additional paperwork.


Is there a minimum spend ? Yes. Each transaction paid through the website must be for at least £8.  For cheque payments and school orders, this is £20. A transaction can include multiple resources.


Can I try before I buy ? Most resources have a free sample download available in the download sections, with a clickable link in the full item description. The sample downloads are intended to give you a flavour of the resource. They may include non-sequential pages or slides from the resource. If you still aren’t sure if it’s what you want, get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through your requirements.


Can I photocopy purchased work ? You can print/ duplicate as many copies as you want for the institution that the work was purchased for. The copyright of the work stays with the author. You are not allowed to circulate purchased resources beyond the purchasing institution. Any third-party institution found to be using resources downloaded from resources4drama will have action taken against them. Breach of copyright laws is a potential dismissal offence for teachers.


Can I alter purchased work or incorporate it into my own lessons? Yes, if it is in editable format, but only for use within the purchasing institution. This may not apply to some scripts – see below.


Can I alter purchased scripts for performance ? Scripts for performance may be amended for school audiences, as long as the performance is credited “Original script by X, adapted by Y”. A “school audience” is an audience consisting of students, teachers and anyone else who works at the purchasing school, plus external examiners. Any public performance, whether an admission price is charged or not, will need prior permission for changes before a performance. A public audience includes parents and friends. (“School” refers to any educational institution).


Is there a fee to pay for public performances of purchased scripts ? For some – yes; not for others. This is made clear before purchasing each script.


Do I have to sign up to use the site or pay an annual fee ? "Yes" and "No" - in that order. You have to register the first time you purchase from the site for legal reasons. This ensures that your receipt or invoice contains all your correct details. If you want to download samples we ask you simply to register with a username and e-mail address.

If you tick the "remember me" box, your username and password should be recognised automatically next time you want to buy something. This will depend on your computer's settings; at the very worst, you'll have to enter your username and password again, not your entire details.

If you want to pay by quoting a school purchase order number, you will need to register with a school e-mail address, postal address and telephone number. Please make sure that your school network will allow you to receive mail from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


How do I log in to my account to see my previous orders or change my address? Use the log in box on the home page then go into Account Maintenance which will appear when the screen refreshes.


I can't access the Backstage Area You need to be registered and logged in to access the Backstage Area.


I'm still struggling! Ring us on the number below and we'll help you.


Do you give or sell my e-mail address to any other company ? No.


Will you bombard me with lots of e-mails asking me to buy other things ? No, we won't bombard you, but we will let you know about new resources and/or special offers via e-mail - not more than twice a month. You can opt out of receiving these updates if you wish, but still remain registered on the site.


Can I have a refund if I don't like the resource ? We will refund if you buy a resource in error and notify us within 7 days as long as you have not downloaded it. (We monitor downloads). We won't refund if you don't like something, as all resources have full descriptions on the site and most have samples available.


Can you let me know about new resources - I'm too busy to keep checking the site? Sure. Simply register on the site and when there’s something new or of interest, you’ll get a newsletter. You won’t get more than two a month. You can unsubscribe at any time. E-mails will tell you about new resources, additions to the website and occasional special offers. If you go on to buy resources at a later stage, that's when we'll need your full details, but not till then.


Have you got a list of all your resources that I can print off? Yes - there's a link on the Home Page


I am not in the UK and am struggling to complete my order - my card details aren't being accepted. This sometimes happens because of Paypal's security measures. It could be that you are using a UK-registered card but are using a non-UK address to order from. This mis-match may cause problems. If you encounter this, please place your order on the website then mail us when payment is declined. We will send you an electronic invoice which you can pay with your (same) card. This method uses different security checks and never fails. As we have to manually raise the invoice, please allow a little longer if using this method.

My browser says that your website is not secure. It isn't while you are simply browsing or downloading samples. It switches to secure (https) at the payment stage.


Mainly for Authors


My resources aren’t worth publishing - are they ? Most Drama teachers have produced hundreds of resources because they cannot find suitable ones available to purchase. So, if you have created something because you couldn’t find it anywhere else, there’s a very good chance someone else needs it too! Help your colleagues by making the work available to them – and help yourself by charging for it. If it is not up to the required standard, we will politely decline to publish it. You have nothing to lose. Your work may be better than you think!.


I have something which I’ve created. How do I submit it to r4d ? Read the terms and conditions.
You will also find the Author Guidelines a very useful document.
Then fill in the author details form and send the resource and the form to us via e-mail.

We do not share e-mail addresses or other customer information with any other company or organisation.


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