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The Big Ship Sails (Script)Hamlet, The Murder Mystery

The History of the Theatre - Part 1 (Script)
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The History of the Theatre - Part 1 (Script)

( Alison Chaplin )
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Performance Licence: Band A - See Here
30 - 36 actors, can be adjusted up or down by splitting / amalgamating
Run time approx 40 mins

About the Resource

The History Of The Theatre - Part One is a series of cleverly-linked scenes which highlight the origins of theatre, from inception to Shakespeare - hence ‘Part One’! Guided by two narrators, who also interact with the characters, the play is both informative and funny.

Performances also provide children with the opportunity to explore mime, dance, tableaux and other aspects of stagecraft, and to appear in non-speaking roles.

The play has a running time of approximately 40 minutes and can be performed by a cast of 30 – 36 students if all parts are played by different actors. With doubling it can be performed by fewer.

For a sample of the play click here

About the Author

Alison Chaplin is a qualified drama teacher, a writer and an experienced youth theatre director. She mostly writes plays for children to read and perform. Because she is still a big kid herself, she likes to write plays which are funny. But she has also written some serious plays too. She doesn't really have a favourite play, although her Christmas play - The Xmas Factor - makes her laugh a lot.
She has written over 20 plays and enjoys hearing about them being performed, and what young actors liked about their performances.
When she’s not writing plays, Alison is the manager of Arts On The Move, a company providing lovely creative support for schools, actors, youth groups and drama practitioners.  
Alison's favourite colour is bright pink. Her favourite food is potatoes. Her favourite football team is Manchester City. She enjoys watching TV, reading and Zumba.


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