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Performance Licence
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Performance Licence

( Clive Hulme )
Price: £20.00

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Our plays are great for classroom study but you may want to perform them to a wider audience. This is not only fulfilling for your students - and may help with their exam commitments - but could also provide a source of income for your school or department. Our authors have worked hard to produce high quality work and it is therefore only fair that they should receive a small fee for providing you with a performance opportunity. Even so - some of them have waived their right to this fee under certain circumstances.

However, some of our plays do require a Performance Licence.

There are several types of Performance Licence - the one needed for your play is specified on each script's product page.

Please read this information carefully so that you apply for the correct licence.

Choosing the Correct Licence

None of our plays require a licence if they are performed only to the people who attend your school on a regular day-to-day basis, i.e. students and staff, or if the only “visitor” is an external examiner.

If the audience contains “visitors” to the school - parents, families, primary school students, members of the public - it is deemed a public performance and a licence is required, whether an admission charge is made or not.

Band Zero - some authors have waived their licence charges for plays to which you charge no admission; these plays are designated Band Zero. If you do decide to charge admission to see a play which is designated Band Zero, then it becomes a Band A play, and a licence is needed as below.

All other plays fall into a “licence required” category if performed in public.

Band A plays require a licence which entitles you to perform up to three times. (So for one, two or three performances you need to buy one licence; for four, five or six performances, you need two licences, and so on).

Band B plays require a licence for each public performance. Therefore, for three performances you need to buy three individual licences.

Band C plays (The Nutting Plays and The Farmhouse Plays) cost £30 for one performance of a single play, £50 for two or three plays on the same night.

If you are in any doubt about which licence you require, please contact us pre-purchase.

Once you have selected the correct licence and the quantity (according to the number of performances) then proceed to checkout.

At the checkout stage, it is essential that you enter in the white notes box:

- the name of the play(s)

- the venue(s) - establishment name and town

- the date(s) of performance(s)

NB: These details will be passed to the relevant author(s).

Your licence(s), and a receipt for payment, will be sent to you immediately via the usual download link.

Licences should be purchased prior to performance. Any school staging a performance without a required licence shall be deemed to be in breach of licensing requirements. A retrospective licence fee (£100 per performance or 50% of box office, whichever is greater) will become immediately payable. Your premises and liability insurance could also be negated due to staging unauthorised performances.

In the menu below, choose your licence type and the quantity according to the number of performances. In the large white box at checkout, please enter details about the performance (name of play, dates, venue).


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