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Improvisation - A Scheme of WorkBrotherly Love (script)

Silas Marner
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Silas Marner

( Mark Wheeller )
Price: £22.99

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Performance Licence : Band B (see here)

Run time: Approx 90  minutes

Cast size: 20+ with additional ensemble of any size.

Can be performed by 7 actors with doubling

Specially Commissioned by and exclusive to resources4drama

About the Resource

This classic short novel gets the classic Mark Wheeller treatment.

An adaptation of a George Eliot novel might seem something of a departure, but as the play contains only words used in the novel the production exhibits narrative characteristics of other Mark Wheeller plays. He has created a beautifully taut and compelling script with immense skill.
Karen Robson. Southern Daily Echo.

Silas Marner, a member of a strict religious community, is wrongly accused of theft and is forced to move to the faraway village of Raveloe.
A robbery at his new home, leaves Marner without his hard earned gold and in the depths of depression.
A mysterious, drug addicted woman is later found dead in the woods outside Marner’s cottage.
That same night he thinks his gold has returned… but it proves to be something very different…

We will say no more about the story.

The play was originally performed as a Promenade production.

The play offers opportunities for imaginative staging that has become the hallmark for all the best known Wheellerplays.

It would also serve as a great read around the class script in English lessons because of its narrative style. The book is one of those allowed on various English GCSE Syllabuses, so is great for a collaborative project.

Click here for a sample.

Click here to see photographs from the original Oasis Lord's Hill production. (Click any photo then click "slideshow" bottom right).


About the Author

 Mark Wheeller is a drama teacher and playwright. His works have been performed thousands of times all over the world. They include Hard To Swallow, Too Much Punch for Judy and Missing: Dan Nolan. He has also written several musicals and - amazingly - co-wrote the Tufty road safety stories in the 1990s with his wife Rachel.

Tags: Promenade, production, Wheeler, classic, literature, GCSE,consequences


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