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Online Videos - Discount BundleKey Stage 2 Drama Lessons

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The Hamlet Rap

A free resource by Alison Chaplin

Wheellerplays Exemplified Online

A series of videos featuring key extracts and techniques from the plays of Mark Wheeller

The Garden Party

A play based on Katherine Mansfield's short story. Author - Mark Walder


A lesson based on The Hero, a WW1 poem by Siegfried Sassoon. Author - Alison Chaplin

The Leaves

A lesson for Key Stage 1 based on a poem. Author - Alison Chaplin


A one off KS1 / KS2 lesson based on Hilaire Belloc's poem about the girl "Who Told Lies and Burned to Death". Author - Alison Chaplin


A short, simple, original script for drama and English lessons. Author - Alison Chaplin

Snow White... and Friends

A fun 45 minute staff / student pantomime based on Snow White. Written to allow as many staff as possible to be involved in the hilarity. Author - Cat Stormes

Crossing the Bridge - Unseen Goat Scenes from Hard to Swallow

Five unseen goat scenes from Hard to Swallow plus a performance poem with author introductions and background notes. Author - Mark Wheeller


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