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The Great Animal Escape (Includes DVD)
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The Great Animal Escape (Includes DVD)

( Clive Hulme )
Price: £17.99

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This scheme can be taught using masks but they are not essential.


See our fantastic mask and scheme bundle here.

Includes DVD - trailer below 

 About the Resource


Using the film Animal Farm as a stimulus (yes - the DVD's included in the price) this scheme of work requires students to use masks to show what happens when a group of animals rebel against the system. It also gives the teacher and each individual student the opportunity to set and review targets. Students are also asked to evaluate their own and other groups' work.


Having watched the brilliant DVD - it's live action with the help of the Muppet people - students then devise a three act play using music (also supplied) and lighting (not supplied, but not essential) to tell the story of a group of animals who decide to escape, spurred on by a new arrival. For older teachers, it will remind you of The Great Escape. For younger ones, maybe Chicken Run will spring more readily to mind.


You get the following in this detailed resource:

  • A brand new, shrink-wrapped DVD (90 mins long)

  • Detailed lesson-by-lesson scheme (6/7 lessons)

  • Teacher's notes

  • Music

  • Worksheets for students

  • Evaluation sheets for students


Click here for a sample.


The DVD is made by the Creature Workshop / Muppet people, mixing live actors and real animals with CGI effects, puppets and animatronics. Human stars include the late Pete Postlethwaite, while the voices of the animals are provided by Kelsey Grammer, Peter Ustinov and Ian Holm amongst others. Here's the trailer:

This is one of our mask projects; the same masks can be used with all our schemes. We recommend that you purchase 48 masks (2 Farm sets, 2 Wild sets) for use with this scheme if you do not already have them.  The same masks can be used with our other mask schemes, making them very cost effective. See here for mask details.


About the Author

Clive Hulme escaped from teaching in 2009 and set up this website.

Tags: Orwell, maskeme, maxpax


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