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Hamlet, The Murder MysteryPrimary Drama Policy

Hamlet - An Introductory Scheme
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Hamlet - An Introductory Scheme

( Alison Chaplin )
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About the Resource

This scheme will introduce students to some of the characters and the initial moments of the great tragedy, but it won’t tell them the whole story.
The scheme also works well in introducing students to the concepts of drama.
You can pick and choose from the activities, taking what works for you and your students and leaving behind anything that you feel is extraneous but, at the very least, you should introduce the text and allow students to bring it to life.
This scheme is aimed at upper KS2 students – Y4, Y5 and Y6 – and lower KS3 students – Y7 and Y8 – but may also work well with younger and older students.

Click here for a sample (sample as PDF; full resource as Word doc).


About the Author

Alison Chaplin is a qualified drama teacher, a writer and an experienced youth theatre director. She mostly writes plays for children to read and perform. Because she is still a big kid herself, she likes to write plays which are funny. But she has also written some serious plays too. She doesn't really have a favourite play, although her Christmas play - The Xmas Factor - makes her laugh a lot.
She has written over 20 plays and enjoys hearing about them being performed, and what young actors liked about their performances.
When she’s not writing plays, Alison is the manager of Arts On The Move, a company providing lovely creative support for schools, actors, youth groups and drama practitioners.  
Alison's favourite colour is bright pink. Her favourite food is potatoes. Her favourite football team is Manchester City. She enjoys watching TV, reading and Zumba.

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